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Information on dropshipping

How does dropshipping work?
You add a selection of our immediately available products to your already existing shop.
Quantity and choice of products are for you to decide.
If one of our items will be sold in your shop, please wait for your customer's payment.
COD shipments (only within Germany) can be shipped immediately!

After that, you can go to our dropshipping platform and place an order with the items to be supplied
to your customer. Then you can upload an invoice in PDF format
(Please use Internet Explorer only!) .Then we ship the goods together with the corresponding
invoice to your customer. The invoice is a proof for us that we ship the goods of your order to your customer.
Please make sure that your customer has settled the total amount of your invoice in advance!

Shipping from stock in Vetschau (Germany) proceeds via insured DHL package.
Each package label is neutral and printed with YOU as a sender so that your customer safely
assumes to obtain the product directly from you.
In case of loss each package of course is insured (via DHL up to 500 EUR).

We will not accept returns from customers (e.g. due to the right of return).
Dropshipping advantages for you
- You have no storage
- You have no financial risk
- You do not have to take care of the shipping
- But you make a very broad and diverse range of products quickly available to your customers
- We proceed the professional delivery to your customers
- Costs only arise when you sell our products (see below)
How to pay?
Payment for dropshipping is possible either via PayPal or SEPA Direct Debit with a 3% discount.
For SEPA Direct Debit, please print the form below, fill it in, sign it, send copies of it by e-mail,
fax or post to us and to your bank. The settlement of dropshipping orders by SEPA Direct Debit takes place usually once a week.

Please login first to download your SEPA Direct Debit form

Please note that when using SEPA Direct Debit there is no way to initiate a negative booking operation (sufficient funds required).

For inquiries about SEPA Direct Debit please contact us by phone: +49 35433 55593.
What are the delivery times?
We can deliver your order immediately by DHL upon receipt. Orders received weekdays until 1 p.m.
will normally leave our warehouse on the same day.
What does dropshipping cost you?
Our dropshipping fee per shipment within Germany is:

- Up to a net value of 35,00 EUR =
   Handling fee 1,75 EUR, + 4,00 EUR shipping cost

- From a net order value of 35,01 EUR =
   Handling fee of 5% of net value, + 4,00 EUR shipping cost

- From a net order value of 80,01 EUR =
   Handling fee of max 4,00 EUR, + 4,00 EUR shipping cost

This amount will be charged for shipping a package to your customer -
including shipping and insurance costs. (All net prices and based on your wholesale price)

There are no additional shipping costs or fees for dropshipping orders shipped within Germany. You should
charge your customer for a part of this fee or calculate your product prices accordingly. A healthy mixed
calculation is advisable in each case in order to sell successfully and profitably.
Which benefits/costs does the dropshipping fee include?
1. Input and check of the delivery address in the DHL shipping software
2. Printout and control of the shipping invoice, shipping labels etc.
3. Packaging of the product
4. Cost of the shipping material (sturdy cardboard, packing material, etc.)
5. DHL shipping fee for an insured package up to 500 EUR
7. Investigation request for missing packages
Summary Table for dropshipping
Delivery zone/Country Shipping costs COD* Parcel service   Additional costs   Remarks
  Germany   4,00 €   4,50 €* DHL (Post) plus handling fee net without VAT
  EU   11,50 €   ---- DHL (Post) plus handling fee net without VAT
  outside of EU   21,00 €   ---- DHL (Post) plus handling fee net without VAT
* Cash on delivery: DHL charges a so-called money transfer fee of 2.00 EUR for shipments within Germany.
This fee must be paid to the postman by the recipient.

Cash on delivery abroad is not possible!

Please also consider our general information on payment and shipping.
Think about our dropshipping offer. You neither have to care about purchase, finance, inventory or shipping
and can still sell professionally!
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us..
Just send us an e-mail or give us a call.